Duck hunt
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It's not fun to play alone. BBW is a farming game designed for you to team up with other farmers to achieve big things. Like melons. Big melons.
Make New Friends
There's bound to be a couple cool cats that you'll make friends with. Join forces in BBW and split the profits - it's a win-win for everyone!
Ongoing Content Updates
Green ogres, money trees, gingerbread houses…what's next? We keep your farm hopping with lots of different land types to work on and crazy, cool seasonal items to look forward to.
Latest Activity on BBW
Here's what has happened in BBW in just the last few seconds!
I_love_chocolate I_love_chocolate deployed a Avocado Tree (F) in DzrtEagle's plot.
CityStyFly CityStyFly killed the bugs on Giantsfaninva's Corn Seeds .
Ching29 Ching29 sold the Cow (F) and gave rickey1982's share of $45,000.
Dee9374 Dee9374 watered MeggiezSoPimp's Apple Tree .
Spin, Shoot and Win
If you like zombies and slot machines, you'll really dig this game. Otherwise, check out BBW instead.